As the son of career public school teachers, I believe in the power of public education. Investing in something like public education is an important strategy for long-term economic growth. There’s enough data to support that. My goal as your representative is to be a strong partner for the Board of Education to create more cost-effective educational choices for parents and families. 

We owe it to our kids to make sure our public schools are properly funded. No child should be robbed of educational opportunities because of his or her ZIP code. That's why I support the political efforts to push for an ECS funding formula that is actually fully funded, and that prioritizes best practices in public education without penalizing lower-income municipalities. 

And it’s why I support the plan to build more classroom space in South Norwalk. This will be the first public school built in Norwalk in almost 50 years. I just don’t know why anyone would not support that.

Our Councilmembers need to be tireless advocates for our schools and families in Norwalk. We have great students and excellent teachers in Norwalk, but we also have unique potential to do even better. Let’s do better, together.