Environmental Responsibility

Let’s talk about the environment. We need to address the impact of everything we do on our changing climate, and on the health of our children, particularly in the industrial zones in Norwalk. 

Climate change is real, and we need to plan for the future of our city, especially our coastline. 

This is a topic that motivates me on a very personal level, as someone who lives near the industrial zones in South Norwalk. Minority communities, especially, always seem to be fighting to keep our kids healthy when it comes to air and noise pollution, as well as toxic runoff into Long Island Sound. 

As our Council representative, I vow to make sure environmental compliance language is mandated for all city contractors. I am also a strong supporter of the campaign to remediate some of the toxic pollution around the Manresa power plant. 

As our Council representative, I vow to push for even more environmental safeguards, including adding  incentives for renewable energy, and tightening regulations around air, land, and water pollution. The best part is that this kind of forward thinking can make Norwalk's economy more competitive in the 21st century. 

The truth is, it is no longer a question of whether we act to save our environment, or how. We simply do not have a choice.