Economic Justice


Take a trip through Norwalk, and you’ll see lots of signs that business is booming. New apartments. Retail construction. That’s not a bad thing. I’m proud that Norwalk is growing, at a time when many towns in Connecticut are struggling to grow. But I also want to make sure that we don’t lose who we are. That we don’t lose what makes Norwalk Norwalk.



As the son of career public school teachers, I believe in the power of public education. Investing in something like public education is an important strategy for long-term economic growth. There’s enough data to support that. My goal as your Council representative is to be a strong partner with our Board of Education to create more cost-effective educational choices for parents and families. 

Environmental Responsibility


Let’s talk about the environment. We need to address the impact of everything we do on our changing climate, and on the health of our children, particularly in the industrial zones in Norwalk. 

Civil Rights Equality


We need to understand why issues sometimes dismissed as identity politics are relevant to our society as a whole—why women’s health issues are public health issues; why LGBT rights are human rights.

Public Health


I will do everything to support continued access to affordable health insurance—so that getting sick doesn’t have to mean losing everything.